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An experienced Troubleshooter and Problem Solver, I support businesses of all types, shape and size, by helping them to overcome the obstacles that are preventing them from getting to the next level. I deliver revenue growth, reduce costs, improve operational productivity, increase profitability, help plan for the future, raise finance, deal with difficult staff and assist with everyday problems. As operational as I am strategic, I arrive totally free from any preconceived beliefs or internal baggage, in an advisory and supportive capacity as a consultant, coach, mentor, or non executive director, or directly involved and accountable as an interim executive.


A businessman for over 35 years, with a ‘hands on’ mentoring style, I give freely of my knowledge at all times, working closely with all involved to ensure the best results. I’m not a ‘desk jockey’, offering overpriced textbook advice with little or nothing to substantiate it - neither do I use any of the ever increasing number of ‘one size fits all’, tick-box, template methodologies, offering no guarantee of success.


'Combining a ‘mensan’ intellect with good emotional intelligence and an insightful and empathic nature, I provide management advice and executive support, based on my extensive shop floor and boardroom experience. I have met all the players, heard all the excuses, and seen all the personal agendas and the politics many times over.


My methods are jargon free and based on common sense, extensive knowledge and logical thinking. You won’t get an ‘off the peg’, ‘cut and paste’ solution, masquerading as a bespoke package - nor will I implement something that I know won’t work because it doesn’t add up.


What you will get is dedication, commitment and 100% straight talking, plus a money back guarantee that few, if any of my competitors has the confidence to match.


Up to a full day’s no cost preliminary consultation, including a free short written summary of my initial views on how I might best help, plus the likely cost of any further work should you wish to proceed.


You can pay by the hour, by the day, for a fixed price, or on a results dependent basis of up to 50% of my

fee excluding expenses. I will also refund the whole fee, less expenses, should I fail to meet an agreed

minimum improvement.


I am able to guarantee value for money, because what I offer is my knowledge, analytical skills and

experience, plus a lifetime of innovation and successful delivery. Consequently, there is no company

or organisation, large or small, that wouldn’t benefit in some way from hiring me.

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