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CASE STUDY FIVE Social Housing Project Recovery Troubleshooter

My interim career has focused on a range of assignments across engineering, construction, manufacturing and property refurbishment, including responsive & planned repairs. Much has been commercial, but 30% has been in Social Housing and Student Accommodation.


Where this has been for private sector contractors, such as Apollo, Connaught and Manor Villages, I have been every bit as successful as when working for other commercial clients.


When working for Local Authority Social Housing Providers however, whether directly or ALMO, my freedom to deliver a truly positive outcome has always been restricted, restrained or curtailed by unnecessary self serving internal politics, supported by the myth of special circumstances.


Difficult customers, a lack of resources, underperforming operatives or sub-contractors, inadequate managers and inappropriate processes and procedures are just as prevalent in either sector, and tackling them requires exactly the same skills, knowledge, experience and approach.


The problem with the public sector contracts was a lack of empowerment on each occasion.


However, I was nonetheless able at CityWest Homes, to force contractors back to remedy large failures, despite them having been signed off as acceptable and paid for in full. At Rotherham 2010, I dramatically reduced a huge WIP, before transforming the responsive repairs team despite tremendous resistance, into a driven and keen to perform operation. At Southwark Building Services I helped to substantially reduce costs as well as removing some of the worst performing supervisors and managers.