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CASE STUDY ONE Operations Director at OCS Engineering Ltd

At subsidiary company Cradle Runways Ltd, a leading manufacturer of automated but manually operated window cleaning cradles, I instigated the resurrection of a previously shelved project. This was the design development, prototype manufacture, and in-situ pre production testing of robotic window cleaning equipment for high-rise buildings.


The original project had run into on-site problems during prototype testing, which had caused it to be suspended. However, materials and sensor technology had moved on considerably, and the original designer was still employed by OCS Engineering but in a different role.


This allowed me to re-engage him with the project and to direct him in addressing and overcoming the previous technical problems, thus taking the project towards a viable conclusion. It also meant I could introduce a robotic element along with a new enthusiasm for Research & Development.


This project ran alongside another new product, temporary and light weight aluminium cradles, which were designed and introduced at my instigation. These were then sold, but also hired out very successfully, via the company’s various depots.


The company had suffered greatly from the ‘head in the sand’ attitude of its long term MD, who was wholly resistant to change of any kind. His lack of vision and his inability to drive the business forward, had been the main reason for the original project failing.

By redirecting the focus of the business, by motivating the workforce, and by establishing a small sales team to seek out new tenders, I was able to quickly double the order book - revitalising the business and securing its position in the market.


The whole, by now successful business, was then sold to a major global Australian company, along with the robotic cleaning technology.