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"Graeme took responsibility for a number of failing contracts in the most difficult of circumstances. A client focused, results driven individual he was quick to identify root causes and tackle issues, however intractable. His efforts to address long term staff matters and performance shortfalls, fairly and with determination, made a real difference and was reflected in a new spirit of partnership with the clients he supported. Independent, reliable and hard working, he was a real asset and I would gladly work with him again”.


Neale Jouques, Connaught Plc.




“Graeme was our Construction and Engineering specialist. His knowledge of industrial manufacturing processes is very comprehensive and he was an asset to our business. I look forward to working with him again”.


Richard King, Manufacturing Advisory Service.




“Graeme is a strong manager with excellent people management skills. His awareness of process and employment law is excellent, which allows him to plan and implement change management through to success. He understands the complexities of individuals and works with this to achieve his goals”.


Niki Cole, OCS Engineering Ltd.




“Graeme's skill as a commercially astute Operations Manager stands him in great stead when joining a business in whatever capacity. We have worked together twice and each time he has proven his ability to manage the team, whilst delivering improved results and at the same time building client confidence”.


Simon Baddeley, Osborne Construction & Connaught Plc.




“Graeme is a solid no nonsense Engineering professional who takes situations and turns them around. He is fair but firm and will make the difficult decisions that some others shy away from but know are necessary. His engineering knowledge and problem solving are his best assets”.


Donald Urquhart, OCS Engineering Ltd.




“Graeme is an extremely competent and highly proficient change agent, accustomed to working in the most difficult of circumstances with a wide range of challenging characters.  I found Graeme to be very insightful and tenacious with an excellent all round senior management capability. He was a pleasure to work with, and I would be pleased to work with him again in some capacity”.


Mark Addison, OCS Engineering Ltd.




“Graeme worked for me on a six month interim contract as a Senior Level Project Troubleshooter, having been brought in to resolve high profile and long festering technical issues, and to fill a skills and experience gap within the existing project team.  I found Graeme to be both technically competent and very effective in problem resolution.  He is skilled in managing both contractors and project stakeholders at all levels, is self motivating, and needs little or no management in order to perform”.


David Clarke, CityWest Homes Ltd.




“Graeme has a genuine passion for ‘making a difference’ for both individuals and organisations. His skill, knowledge and ability enable the achievement of tangible results irrespective of adversity. He is a real inspiration to work with. I cannot recommend Graeme highly enough and in particular to those who want to change their culture and increase efficiency.

I would welcome the chance to work with Graeme again”.


Sharon Bryan, Rotherham 2010 Ltd.




“Graeme and I have worked together twice. He is an excellent change manager who delivers results and is respected by colleagues for his forthright, straightforward style and approach. He has a broad range of skills which he applies enthusiastically to his roles”.


Celia Hopkins, SBS and Rotherham 2010 Ltd.

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