Delivering Operational Excellence
Generating Business Growth

Helping Your Business to Improve, Expand & Prosper.

Supporting & Enhancing Managerial & Workforce Effectiveness for the Construction, Engineering & Related Manufacturing Industries.

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Graeme Haskett
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Workforce Productivity Issues?
Project Black Holes?
Contract Delivery Problems?

  • Project Recovery Specialist
  • Operational Performance Auditor
  • Overseeing Special Projects
  • Contractual Improvement
  • Increasing Revenue
  • Driving Efficency
  • Adding Value
Workforce Productivity
efficient running of small, medium and larger businesses.

If you need an expert

Knowledgeable and skilled in the streamlining, transformation and efficient running of small, medium and larger businesses.

An experienced specialist who can quickly transfer their skills and knowledge into your company, to improve performance and to help you realise your true potential, to help you acquire or merge with another company, to prepare your business for sale, or if your business would benefit from any of the following:-
  • Business Development
  • New Product Innovation
  • Recovery and Turnaround
  • Operational Improvement
  • Managerial Support
  • Sales Growth

Making a Real Difference

I provide tangible results, by engendering a focused team mentality, centred on mutual achievement, co-operation, and inclusive ‘best practice’.  

With a lifetime of experience at ‘the sharp end’, delivering sustainable improved performance, increasing revenue, and adding value, I am able to offer a success guarantee, with up to 50% of my fee results dependent!
There is no company, large or small, that wouldn’t benefit from hiring me to help their business transform, expand and prosper.

Contact me anytime for a no obligation no cost initial consultation, to explore what I might achieve for you.
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